Monday, February 25, 2008

Welcome to my piping page!

For the last decade or so I have been lucky enough to call myself a piper. For me, piping is more than just a hobby, its a passion and a way of life... Piping is a big part of who I am.

This page is dedicated to all pipers; those who love the pipes; those who want to play the pipes; those who want bagpipes at their funeral; and even for those who hate the pipes (there is hope for you yet!).

Through this page I hope to share experiences, knowledge, insights, humor, trivia, fun stories, or anything else that has to do with piping. I hope that you will share as well!

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Heathen Highlander said...

Your blog is great. Best of luck to you and your band. Check out the Heathen Highlanders blog at