Friday, January 2, 2009

What are your piping related resolutions?

Happy New Year! Despite the roller coaster world we live in, it has been another great year for piping. There have been so many great stories and accomplishments both local and world wide. It's always enjoyable associating with fellow pipers and lovers of the music. I hope that 2009 brings many more great things for all of our piping.

New years is a great time for resolutions...
What are your piping related resolutions? I would like to read about them.

One of my piping related new years resolutions is to return to the solo competition platform. I have taken a 4 year break from competing solo because I have chosen to spend more time focusing on other aspects of life, but I have always enjoyed the challenge and thrill of competing. So look for me this summer at the games!

Happy Piping!

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