Monday, June 13, 2011

Thanksgiving Point 2011

This past weekend was the annual Utah Scottish Society Highland Games at Thanksgiving Point in Lehi, Ut.  The entire weekend was extremely enjoyable with perfect weather.  The Wasatch & District Pipe Band was the duty band again this year.  We took part in the tattoo Friday night as well as several concert type showcases on Saturday.  There were more bands attending this year than I can remember in recent years, which was fantastic and a great sign for local piping.  The grade 4 contest was very strong with a high standard of playing.  Congratulations to the Salt Lake Scots for winning the timed and march medleys.  Unfortunately, no other grade 3 bands were in attendance, but the band still performed both the MSR and Medley for critique only.  We felt that both runs were an improvement over Costa Mesa just a couple weeks earlier.  Hopefully we can continue our progression all the way to Scotland!  Stay tuned for updates.   

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