Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Legends of Piping

From left to right:

Pipe Major Willie Ross, G.S. McLennan, John MacDonald of Inverness.

John MacDonald of Inverness was arguably the best piobaireachd player of all time and passed is vast knowledge of the classical music to many pupils, the most famous of whom are Donald MacLeod and the Bobs of Balmoral.

G.S. McLennan may have been the most gifted piping prodigy the world has ever seen, particularly in the light music. From a very young age he wowed audiences (including the Queen) with his unequalled musicality and dexterity. His compositions make up some of the most highly regarded tunes we have in the piping library. Unfortunately, his life was cut much too short. Who knows how many wonderful tunes he took to the grave.

Pipe Major Willie Ross is said to have been the most influential piper of the 20th century. Joining the Scots Guards at age 16, he began an association with military piping that would last for 60 years, including almost 40 years as the piping instructor at the army school of piping at Edinburgh Castle. Among his many students, his most prized pupil was John D. Burgess another piping legend in his own right, winning both gold medals at the age of 16, a feat that has never been equaled.

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Dave said...

The history of pipers is great. I love the old pics!!