Sunday, July 26, 2009

This photo is of Donald Cameron. Donald was the premier player of his day and an authority on piobaireachd. He lived from 1810-1868. He was a student of the great Angus MacKay and is one of the direct links to the MacCrimmon line. It is said that he was a shrewd, clever man, full of Highland lore and tradition; a keen angler…. In appearance, as in disposition, he was the ‘ideal successor of such hereditary pipers as the MacCrimmons, and we shall not look upon his like again.’ Personally he was a most congenial, unassuming man and benevolent to a fault. He won the prize pipe in 1843 and in Edinburgh in 1844.

I am fascinated with the great history of our music. I wish I could go back and meet some of these great pipers and just listen to the stories they would tell. I think it would make for a great evening.

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